Undertale Lemons(Complete)

Undertale Lemons(Complete)

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Determination By Undertale_Nation Completed

Hello my darlings!~ this book is now One Shots only since wattpad wants me to change it. So this book is now one shots free and this will be fine if wattpad says it is....well that's all for now

Disclaimer: Might update a lot considerong the fact that I have to go to  vacation in the next 2 weeks and thank you for your cooperation: )

Don't argue with me since I changed it into a one shots free book. But I respect wattpad and what they do so One Shots Only!

no offense.how will he kiss someone if he doesn't  have any lips LOL
B-R13XD B-R13XD May 22
Can u do Gaster Sans x reader lemon plzzzzzzz???? I will be YOUR BEST FRIEND 😇😇😇😈😈😈😈
LunaAndNM LunaAndNM May 23
The worse way to say to your crush that you like them is that you have a friend do it for you. That happened to me ;-;
This is like one of the bad mamories noo this happened to me when i like my crush and my crushed liked me back but the two of us didnt know and omg it was the worse
                              Lust side: let's get started with the party~