Small Cuts | Dallon Weekes

Small Cuts | Dallon Weekes

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Small cuts could be hidden so easily. Quinn Love knew that from the start. Her band knew she was doing these things to herself, but they struggled to help her. Dallon didn't have to struggle, he just had to stay and all the pain left.

Mentions of mental disorders, abuse, sexual assault, self harm, eating disorders. Read at your own risk.

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hcllvator hcllvator May 30, 2017
Oh if you only knew...
                              WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO, I GUARANTEE YOU'D KEEP IT SECRET
hcllvator hcllvator May 30, 2017
^^^ I was just about to comment when I realize that I've been in this book's comment section before
ccmmbbee ccmmbbee Aug 28, 2017
Please update soon!! I'm really interested and the introduction's neat 👍🏼👏🏻🙌🏻
i_am_unBEARable i_am_unBEARable Apr 03, 2017
his name's Breadbin isn't it? Yeah that's it, I heard he is a big douchenozzle!
hcllvator hcllvator May 30, 2017
It's Dallon Tree Man Real Boy Zara Patch Bomber Amelie's Adopted #DadStuff James Weekes
ok-not-ok ok-not-ok Oct 01, 2016
i cant remember i think he's called beebo or some shït and his surname is something weird like idk urine, umbrella or something like that anyway