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The Path Of Darkness

The Path Of Darkness

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Etherious Natsu Dragneel By EtherNatsuDragneel Updated Jan 16

Natsu Dragneel was suppose to join the Light Guild, Fairy Tail. But fate had other ideas. Sending Natsu to walk the path of darkness.
Natsu was a typical Dragon Slayer, but the dragon who raised him was the Fire Dragon King Igneel. After Igneel 'disappeared' Natsu wandered in the world alone, until the Dark Guild, Hell's Wrath, found him. As the young boy he was, he didn't know what was right and what was wrong. So he listened to them. Raised in that dark guild, he learnt how to kill, murder, steal, and rob, earning himself the nickname; The Darkness's Choice. The nickname suggests if darkness was to choose a person it favors, it will be someone like him. But, because he was suppose to be in the Light side, he mind can't stand being in the Dark side. So slowly, he'll fall into insanity and that will unlock the demon within him, and everything will be destroyed.
But, on that day, when Darkness's Choice clashes with the Fairies. He runs. He meets a dragon that claims to be him. How is Zeref even connected to this? Can Natsu even save himself?

Chibi_Mitch Chibi_Mitch Dec 29, 2016
😓*sigh* Let's just get this over with...
NutMeg20 NutMeg20 May 11, 2016
HELLO! (I was so tempted to say "hi I'm Olof and I like warm hugs" but I think gray should say something like that so just let it go..) LOLZ
little_mosher_666 little_mosher_666 Sep 24, 2016
If they're at the brink of death I don't think they'll be able to escape Natsu
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao Aug 07, 2016
Imagine Makarov was Yoda and Natsu was Anakin trained by Maul before he was lost and Dooku found him?
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Mar 10, 2016
Of course you could! Buresu is a contagious character... That and he would destroy me if I refused so... Buresu pls don't keel meh...
ParkTaeGguk ParkTaeGguk Mar 13, 2016
;n; i want my oc there.. but i'm not in the other book.. *Cries for 1 week straight*