The Mating Games

The Mating Games

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Angel By amp1127 Updated Jan 16

This is the Hunger Games altered where werewolves find their mates. Every male and female werewolf from ages 14 and older must go to the mating games until they find their mates (or die). 


1. You cannot claim anyone who is not your mate. 

2. You can reject your mate (but must have a reason). 

3. You may run from your mate (if you want). 

4. You must register as mates once you know (if you accept each other). 

5. It's kill or be killed.

I will update as much as possible but the more reads/votes/comments there are the more likely I'll update.

Also there are some real life problems in this story that should be taken seriously if they happen in your life as well. Although I try to put jokes in my story, the real problems are taken from my life or people I know. They can really happen.

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FAN-addict FAN-addict Aug 22, 2017
I don't understand why they kill each other if they are looking for mates?
KoolKatrina123456789 KoolKatrina123456789 Aug 08, 2016
                              THEN A GIRL FTOM NORTH CARTOLINA
                              ARE YOU TARGETING MY HOMES!?
Loonatic101 Loonatic101 Jun 25, 2016
why are the protaginist's  this young i mean 14/15 seriously
charlarrylotty charlarrylotty Jul 31, 2016
When I hear jace I think of TMI and I hope you name his mate Clary
unicorn_glow unicorn_glow Jun 16, 2016
Lol!!! Very funny!!!! ... I just thought... what if the girl decided to sit down on the chair and have the guy sit on her? ... I'd be laughing into next year!!