rain on utopia {daisuga}

rain on utopia {daisuga}

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The burning desire
To live and roam free 
It shines in the dark
And it grows within me 
(Lyrics from Utopia by Within Temptation)

	The humans live in a utopia. With their relaxed lives and their advanced technology they have little to worry about. Due to their lack of worry, they are able to indulge in various things... As the human population rapidly increases, so does their need for more space to live. Land that was once nature preserves is slowly being taken to build houses on. The loss of the nature preserves upsets Sawamura Daichi, a conservationist. He, along with other conservationist are fighting to keep the nature preserves out of human hands. 

Meanwhile, the loss of land is leading to failing health and even death to many animals, including the crow-people. The crow-people, lead by King Sugawara Koshi, are in desperate need of help... But who can they turn to?  Most people, if they knew that they were crows that could turn into people, would want to experiment on them. 

After an accident, Sugawara Koshi meets Sawamura Daichi, who seems to be the only one that can help the crow-people. 

Daichi x Suga

Boy x Boy 

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xCarolynnx xCarolynnx May 28, 2016
I'm not even surprised
                              Not at all
                              YOU GO AND FIGHT THEM HUMANS ARE ASSHOLES
viola-dork viola-dork Mar 09, 2016
Honey it takes me longer. Now I'm jealous because you're such an amazing writer. I take like 5 hours because I'm such a perfectionist ughhh
DeaththeKidOCD DeaththeKidOCD Nov 09, 2016
Well, I mean apparently I'm the "ultimate KageHina love child because I'm very awkward like Hinata and I'm goos at things like Kageyama."
                              Thank you weeb friends! *sigh*
phan-girl678 phan-girl678 Jun 17, 2016
Third time reading this. This story is amazing. I cried last time. Keep up the good work!!!
IdontShipVkook IdontShipVkook Mar 31, 2016
Ur name is actually adorable, sorry if that was creepy *hides onder a blanket*
AlyssaHQ AlyssaHQ May 16, 2016
So are they full crow? Or are they humans with wings instead of arms?