Our Secrets Told: Forgiving

Our Secrets Told: Forgiving

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So you all know the story of Mackenzie and Aaron. If not you should probably read the other books.

Their love started out as a deal, just so her brother could be head of the jocks with the most popular boy in school. Aaron.

But the deal was if Mackenzie started to date Aaron then her brother would be head jock with Aaron. 

Did the deal actually help then dating? No, the longer they dated. The more secrets that Mackenzie found out about Aaron, and what he did.

Heartbreak, lying, and cheating. 
What will Mackenzie do? All she's been is hurt.

Who will she run to? Or will she say alone? What about Aaron?

This is their love.

"These are our secrets, now it's up to forgiving."

~Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain~

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nerdy_headphones nerdy_headphones Mar 11, 2016
Nuuuuuuu Mackkkkkkkkk!!! ;-; don't dieeeeee!! Aaron and Jacob!!  Its all your fault!!  ;-; poor Mack!! ;-; keep up the great work!!  I love it!!