In The Spotlight! Mettaton x Reader!

In The Spotlight! Mettaton x Reader!

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Your best friend is an aspiring celebrity, who happens to hate Mettaton. But you both travel to his show to gain popularity. You loved Mettaton and his work, but you really didn't want to be on stage. But when an unexpected event happens, what will you do when you are face-to-face with the spotlight? 

(Preferably a FEMALE reader :^])

And thank you to whoever made the absolutely beautiful picture I used for the cover! All fan-art used in this book is owned by its original creators, not me. 

Undertale is owned by Toby Fox.


COMPLETED (for now)

Lol u named reader and best friend Oka and yui from Yandere simulator
Who doesn't think mettaton ex is cute thou hes more sexy I mean LOOK AT THOSE LEGS
*grabs bff-chan walks out of the room and screams while shaking him*
AllyzaChua AllyzaChua Nov 25
For the record when my friend said I can find mettalon x reader I said I don't read Yuri my friend was laughing her ass off I thought mettalon was a woman I mean look at those tricking heels and not really thick thighs
New book/car smell....anyone?!?! \_(-_-)_/ also have a cookie!! 🍘
I would have passed out .., just strait up fainted being in front of so many people ... Or at least played dead lol