Break My Mind - {Sequel}

Break My Mind - {Sequel}

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|City of Evil| By AvengedNightmare Completed

{Hybrid of Mystreet, Super Minecraft, and FNAF! Enjoy!!}

My name is Jess.
My old name was Aphmau. It has been three years, and I've taken care of the 'Missing Children', as I call them. I married Sly, and everything has been good. I've been a stay at home mother to my adopted children, and they have grown so much.

Wait....who's there?

You note it's a good book when it makes you ball your eyes out in the first five seconds
Minecraftgirl179 Minecraftgirl179 May 27, 2016
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries heart out in room* *dad comes in and looks at me weirdly and leaves* me---> O.O *then continues crying*
Alltheandrea120 Alltheandrea120 Mar 09, 2016
SLY NOOOOOOOOO WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL~take pitchfork and waits outside with a torch too~ATTACK
JoyLaMarmora JoyLaMarmora Apr 29, 2016
The thing is.....I don't cry.....I only cry when I listen to "her last words"
little_lover132 little_lover132 May 04, 2016
gimme a sec to cry my heart out and to pick my heart back up...
puggymonster123 puggymonster123 Mar 23, 2016
Guess what song i was listening to when i saw this book in the recommended book section thingie!!