One room, One girl & five badboys... Oh boy

One room, One girl & five badboys... Oh boy

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Dolantwinsxxi By Dolantwinsxxi Updated Mar 23, 2016

What would you do if you were locked up in a room with five dangerous, muscular and extremely hot boys? Well, when Shakline Henderson is kidnapped and put in this situation, she doesn't exactly know what to do. Freak out? Yes. Afraid? Of course. Hot boys all over her? Hell yeah!

Shakline Henderson is a good girl. She is 18 years old, goes to school and does her homework, she get good grades and doesn't like parties. So what happens when she meets the bad boys and is forced to do idiotic stuff she normaly wouldn't do?

Meet the boys, they all have the looks, and they know it. Their attitudes are cocky, sexy and bad. Meet Ajax, the hot, tall and muscular gangleader. Ajax shows no fear, he doesn't like people that much except the boys in his gang. They are like a family and doesn't let anyone in or anyone play with them.

So what happens when Shakline is pulled in to all this? Read the book to find out.

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rwbyrouge15 rwbyrouge15 Oct 08
Me when I'm in my room alone... It's always about licking them abs.😂
rwbyrouge15 rwbyrouge15 Oct 08
Is this a ticci toby reference or is that just my imagination
I would want to lick something else than a hot guys abs...😏.... ICE CREAM 🍦
rwbyrouge15 rwbyrouge15 Oct 08
God I love hot guys...But I love waffles. Well if you add them together and throw in a little psycho you get ticci toby