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Adolescent Chase | Riren

Adolescent Chase | Riren

12.9K Reads 874 Votes 12 Part Story
Attiyyah By Shingeki_no_attiyyah Updated Jan 02

Unknowingly drugged at birth, Fourteen year old Eren is forced to act as an adult once he's left to survive in the coldness of an isolated snowed wood lodged in the middle of the mountains.

Physically-skilled Levi has been tracking Eren ever since he was a child. He intends to corner Eren with his pack of 'soldiers' that are surprisingly grey wolves.

Eren knows for sure he has no future, but wants to keep everything he owns to himself. He can't go anywhere, but run in circles from Levi's shadow.

He won't be outside, for long.

It's getting cold.

'Blood is an easy thing to find, especially in this cold, white snow.'


Mature themes/bad language/sex.

[cover art done by me]

-juancena -juancena Dec 27, 2016
Obviously he's making this children appropriate, right? Lol it reminds me of the beginning of Zootopia xD
Vintagerose21 Vintagerose21 3 days ago
I was ten when I watched attack on Titan for the first time.
growlingmisobowl growlingmisobowl Oct 02, 2016
I feel like he's gonna say "EREN PUT THE KNIFE DON'T BE AN ANGSTY TEEN"
Kirito_Phantomhive Kirito_Phantomhive Dec 15, 2016
Why is there so many perverted minds here.(Not that I'm any different).
Katkakbis Katkakbis Oct 30, 2016
It tastes like angels blessing your tongue with the magic of rainbows
pandalilies pandalilies Jul 09, 2016
I find the way that the author wrote this very poetic.
                              like dark, but still beautiful <3