Bite Me Alpha

Bite Me Alpha

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peacehill_ By peacehill_ Updated Sep 12, 2016

"It was her smile, her laugh. Those little things that make me realize I wanted to see that everyday of my life. I wanted her for the rest of my life."

She belonged to him just as he belonged to her

Ocean Penha: a sarcastic, overly guarded, observant human, who's determined to figure out the not-so-secret, secret of London.

Axel White: a powerful, strong, fierce future alpha, let's not forget he has the strongest pack in the United Kingdom and America.

You give a human a pencil it'll write. You give the moon goddess two unlikely pairs, she'll mate them.

Bumpy roads, rekindled love, reappearances from the past. I guess all that's left to do is to see how it all plays out.

(Keep in mind this is my first book so sorry for any mistakes. Also, it does go into some deep stuff. Personal problems with depression etc. Pretty much dark themes. Don't say I didn't warn ya.)

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tsalih tsalih Dec 29, 2017
I hope they are sending her away to secretly protect her.  Because the reason they gave her truly just don't fly.
Wait .. Jeff knows how to make snickers ice cream, macaroons, snickers, brownies, and chocolate covered donuts? What can’t Jeff do ??
jeff as in jeff davis, as in teen wolf, as in the man who killed off allison argent as in the man who made me cry .... F U C K J E F F
aaliyahknight aaliyahknight Nov 08, 2017
Wait a minute, how is 16 but a senior in high school? I'm so confused
Nesha2017_ Nesha2017_ Oct 20, 2017
How are you just going to send your kid away to “have time to yourselves” once you have a child they are your number one priority like y’all can have time to yall self when she graduated
coolcat0219 coolcat0219 May 02
I feel as if their about to tell her there moving and is wolves