Aaron X Reader

Aaron X Reader

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Aarori By Aarori--Senpai Updated Nov 05

You do love Aaron.. Correct? 
Well.. Here's something interesting.. 
Aaron loves you. 

This story takes you on an adventure with Aaron at your side. 
In 3 different stories Aaron will take your hand and you will walk together. 


OMI U WATCH SOPHIA THE FIRST OMI OMI  wait I never said anything and you never heard anything .... GOT IT!?
I keep on glitching out bc bad internet soo I have to keep finding the chapter im on T^T
V/n Moonlight 
                              Y/n Shadow
                              F/c Black
                              S/f/c Gray
                              H/c Black
                              F/n Grace
                              W/n Claw
                              G/w/n Blank
                              E/c Black
                              F/s Katana
                              N/n ash
                              S/f/c Faith
V\n wolfclaw 
                              Y\n Luna
                              F\c Midnight blue
                              S\F\C Cyan 
                              H\c cyan with Midnight blue tips 
                              F\n Bella Swan 
                              W\n Midnight 
                              G\w\n Eternity 
                              E\c blue
                              F\c katana's 
                              N\n moon 
                              S\f\n James
wolfyAaron wolfyAaron Jun 14
Hay my name is wolfyAaron I love you bookes but and I like to be human just saying im a wolf
I am pretty sure that even if I forget all about this, that when I come across one,  I will try to figure it out then it will snap back to me XD