Slowing Down

Slowing Down

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Amber is a 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 5. Amber is the best street racer in her state, Miami. Amber and her dad are supper close. But when they are griving fast down the road and a truck hits them, what happens when there car flips and her dad dies and she lives?

Amber is forced to go live with her Aunt Jess who lives in california. Aunt Jess does not like Amber because she never liked her dad. Amber stops racing after that because she is scared of reliving that moment. She can't even stand to be in a race car. After a few weeks of arriving she has to start at the new school. At her old school she was the most popular and the most athletic. 

Thomas is Palms Beach High Schools bad boy and Jock. He is also 17 and is supper good looking. His mom and dad are successful business owners. He is a only child and all the girls at school literally fall for him. What happens when Amber catches Thomas eye on the first day of school?

~Read to find out~

That's an awesome bedroom but I don't like the colour. It would be so cool if the theme of the room was nature or something
Does anybody else see the picture is hello kitty in the wall
Lmao that room when I saw it I was like she has to be joking she better change her room or something
tubashoes tubashoes Apr 03
It's a Aventador  and that is a rap
                              And if u mod that Mini Cooper a certain way it makes more power than that Lamborghini
lamekeisha lamekeisha Jan 12
that's a nice color besides black/white (if they are colors)
MClementine MClementine Feb 22
Unlike the room but not the colours. Make it blue and ditch the hello kitty