Enderman x Reader [Minecraft x Reader]

Enderman x Reader [Minecraft x Reader]

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A Enderman X Reader Fanfic that isn't a oneshot, and will develop over time with a relationship between the reader and a normal enderman.

Cover Art By: chocochaofun on deviantart : Titled "Enderman chibi" Link: http://chocochaofun.deviantart.com/art/Enderman-chibi-387774337

Her profile of more amazing art: http://chocochaofun.deviantart.com/

STALKER ALERT!!! Jk, I think the enderman following the reader is adorable. I NEED TO MAKE A DRAWING OF IT!!!
*falls over holding my blocks*
                              Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!!!!!!   
                              (0 [] 0);
I can't hold it in any longer....
                              *inhales deeply* *face turns bright red*
                              *falls on the ground screaming and fangirling and rolling around*
Doggo99 Doggo99 Mar 25
XD I Love the name! I'm not kidding every Enderman character I know their names always with End. XDXDXD
*sees him walking a few inches behind me*
                              Enderman: I-I thought maybe you needed some space
                              Oh really? No dip Sherlock! 
                              I'm kidding. I'd probs be doing the same thing to my crush because of how flipping cute he is X3