Enderman x Reader [Minecraft x Reader]

Enderman x Reader [Minecraft x Reader]

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A Enderman X Reader Fanfic that isn't a oneshot, and will develop over time with a relationship between the reader and a normal enderman.

Cover Art By: chocochaofun on deviantart : Titled "Enderman chibi" Link: http://chocochaofun.deviantart.com/art/Enderman-chibi-387774337

Her profile of more amazing art: http://chocochaofun.deviantart.com/

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STALKER ALERT!!! Jk, I think the enderman following the reader is adorable. I NEED TO MAKE A DRAWING OF IT!!!
- - Aug 02
*falls over holding my blocks*
                              Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!!!!!!!!   
                              (0 [] 0);
- - Aug 02
I can't hold it in any longer....
                              *inhales deeply* *face turns bright red*
                              *falls on the ground screaming and fangirling and rolling around*
- - Aug 02
Doggo99 Doggo99 Mar 25
XD I Love the name! I'm not kidding every Enderman character I know their names always with End. XDXDXD
Okay, now imagine some sad violin music playing in the background.
                              Boom. Abandoned-dogs-in-shelter sadness.