No Control

No Control

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Larry Stylinson <3 By British-1D-Irish Updated 2 days ago

Sequel to Stockholm Syndrome

Five years.
It's been five years since Harry last saw Louis. Five years since he was kidnapped by Liam and Zayn. Five years since he's truly been happy.

Now, Louis is finally being released from prison, and Harry doesn't know what to do about it or how to handle it all. All he knows is that he still feels something. Yet he knows that Louis isn't good for him. Will Harry risk hurting someone close to him and losing the respect of his family for one guy? Or will tragedy ruin, not one relationship, but many others?

"Being around you just brings everything back. It's almost like I have no control when I'm with you."

RoseyKay RoseyKay Aug 01
And his oh so wonderful parents never thought to ask about his necklace?? *punches Anne with shovel*
*sips tea* now where da hèll is Louis? 
                              Lol but I'm loving this so far and it's only the second chapter! I'm probably gonna sound like a third grade teacher but keep up the good work!
That's said Harry is 21 and Niall is 21 and they are living with there parents still LOL
HDJDBDJFJDHFHFJDFJDNFB Im dying here! I can wait no longer!!
Charazard Charazard May 09
Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!! I can't wait!!! I LOVE this story!!!
Awwww snap!! I have a feeling somebody *wink wink* is going to make an appearance. Somebody whose initials start with an 'L' and ends with a 'ouis'😆😆😄😄😂