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Imagining Frost

Imagining Frost

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Katarina E. Tonks By katrocks247 Updated Mar 02, 2014

"Imagine If the sky was shades of purple instead of blue. Imagine If the trees were so tall that they disappeared through the clouds, twisting into the heavens. Imagine If creatures other than birds flew through the skies."

Imagine if your best friend in the entire world, wasn't really there at all.

Heather is two weeks away from being eight years old, when she stumbles across a curious boy in a forest she was warned never to go anywhere near. To her, 'Blue' is her best friend. Little did she know, the bond that they forge is a bond that will last for a lifetime. 

Or will it?

At first, Heather didn't mind that nobody else could see her imaginary friend. But when she is forced to suddenly grow up and live outside her Fantasy, things begin to go horribly wrong. 

And when he returns years later, Blue is definitely not the same little innocent boy that Heather banished from her life forever.

He is much, much worse.

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XxXkendraXxX XxXkendraXxX Mar 21, 2016
What movie or show is the boy with the black or brown hair and the one who jumps out the window with the girl?????
Phoenix500 Phoenix500 Feb 05
I have the same name as you. That's so cool, it's an uncommon name. Most people accidentally call me Katrina
HolmesOfMischief HolmesOfMischief Feb 06, 2016
Is this gonna be stuck forever like this? That's going to be painful! I hope you find just enough inspiration dear author to continue this story. Life is short. Huhuhu. 😭
katiekat9752 katiekat9752 Aug 17, 2016
I want to read this but it says there hasn't been update for years
PlainOldBoring PlainOldBoring Dec 05, 2016
The description of the story kind of reminds me of a certain ship in Disney, pfft. It must be inspired or something.