When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

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Ryan is a no nonsense type of guy and isn't one to do the relationship thing, it's not his style. 

He's more of a hit it and quit it type of guy; some label him as a bad boy, but he's just living life the way he wants to....

That is, until one day, he sees a girl by the name of Valerie that blows his mind, he wants her, he gots to have her. 

But there's one thing that's holding him back, will she ever go for a guy like him? A guy who's affiliated with the wrong people, and does she even go for white guys?! 

Will Ryan get his girl or will the roadblocks ahead stop him? Is he able to handle the pressure that comes along with being with this girl; such as,

1. An overprotective psychotic older brother. 

2. Manipulative mother who's a former drug addict. 

3. Another man who will stop at nothing to claim Valerie as his.

4. And all the other haters that want to see this relationship fail.

LoveReign_ LoveReign_ May 11
Preying yo wake up with a body like hers. I envy this queen.
jtburnett27 jtburnett27 Aug 24
If he was black they wouldn't have let him in.
                              I'm just saying though 😒😌
The next question will be" how do u know her address"🤔🤔
MK watch..... but he drives a Lamborghini. That don't add up 😂
He is doing way to much, why he couldn't have just talked to her at the mall
haiticheri haiticheri Jun 27