❝мя. υиαρρяσα¢нαвℓє αи∂ нιѕ иєкσ❞ || яιяєи ||

❝мя. υиαρρяσα¢нαвℓє αи∂ нιѕ иєкσ❞ || яιяєи ||

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✶ Daddy Matt ✶ By attack_on_ghouls Updated Aug 16

A tall, approximately five-foot-six-inches, brunet boy with teal green eyes, was no better than your average pet cat - a cuddly, always needing attention creature. Eren had been trained to be the perfect pet, the perfect neko company, for his future owner of course.  

He wasn't shameful to admit that he knew how to cook, clean just about anything and he knew a good deal about discipline. Therefore, at the age of barley fifteen, he was ready to be taken on by whom wanted him. Fortunately, Levi - a man who meant business - was the one to take the overly timid neko on, seeing as he worked very hard and could use the extra hands, or paws, around his house. 

However, (the catch) when Eren knew about Levi taking him on, he figured it would be cleaning and 'maid' things - but he was wrong. So wrong.  With a basement that holds a dark and disturbing secret and a owner that is clearly hiding something far worse, how will Eren cope with living with such a man?  


"Eren!" Levi called sternly, looking down at the sitting neko boy who had a slightly afraid, yet curious, expression.  

 "Y-yes, Daddy?" the brunet boy replied, looking up at his owner - Levi. "Did Kitten do something wrong?" he continued, blinking up at Levi while nibbling at his bottom lip. 

"Lay down." Levi instructed. "Daddy's going to make you feel good."


✧*:・ / Author's Note \ ✧*:・✧

Another book, I know ;). This is a Master!Levi x Pet/Neko!Eren AU.
Eren is a neko but (to clear confusions) he only has cat ears, tail (bushy like a Balinese cat) and senses. He has normal human hands and feet and no he can't change into a proper cat - okay maybe I'll change that later. 

Final note - This is a BDSM (bondage, dominance / submission) daddy kink book so there will be smut.

I'm a deer, not a dear.  
                              Get it right. 
                              *hops away and gets shot right in front of Bambi*
Kuroko1200 Kuroko1200 Oct 02
Bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism.
                              The S can also mean submission.
Levi: Pet don't touch my food or you will be punished , I love my food so don't touch!
*Armin and Annie having le smexs*
                              Armin: Armin Armout Armin Armout Armi-!
                              Annie: Armin! This is why u dont hav friends!!
                              Armin: ;^;
Ohh.. Daddy. Just by calling him daddy you knew where this is going.
imadhatter imadhatter Aug 08
Maybe if he goes far enough into the wardrobe, he'll find Narnia