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"You humiliated me publically .How dare you to come here. Saying sorry won't compensate what you have done to me . This meeting over. Get out of my office  and never show your face again." Bill Jennigton spat vehemently to woman sat before him. Rebecca stood up and instead of going towards door she walked towards him. " What are you doing "? Jennington said angrily. Before he could anything Rebecca kissed him and they were lost. After a moment when she broke the kiss she noticed his hands were still around her waist. And he was slowly unbuttoning her shirt. His hands were slowly stroking her body . And loud knock interrupted them. And Jennington said in disappointed voice " wash room is there. Go and come clean". As she walked to washroom she know his eyes are still following her and she won. 

Rebecca was happily married to Scott till she discovers he is having an affair with another woman. Her world split apart. But when Scott refuse to acknowledge his mistake he asks her to accept his affair. That breaks Becca completely. She decides to have revenge on her husband. That too having affair with his boss. It was a no strings attached deal for both her and her new lover. Both don't want love. But still. ....

Will Rebecca able to resist the call of love or...

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SylviaAlaniz SylviaAlaniz May 27, 2017
Good story but I would have said something to the jackss for cheating and good thing she slap the other guy
antonia306 antonia306 Feb 24
😂😂😂 Girl yo husband cheating on you nd you just gonna slap him. Im done, but i guess you have standards
hellsangelinheaven hellsangelinheaven Aug 08, 2016
Honey came in and she caught me red handed, creeping with the girl next door
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 03, 2016
Becca you did the right thing by slapping a stranger that had kissed you on the freaking dance floor while know whete your husband is, he's either in a room with red or at your home in your bed with her again.
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 03, 2016
All I can say rebecca is two wrongs don't make a right.all you had to do is walk away and be happy with someone else that would be thete for you and your children.
ChocolateIsLife96 ChocolateIsLife96 Jun 06, 2014
Is English your first language because you seem to leave out 'the' and 'I' alot in your sentences.