Inamorata Confidential (Jacob Perez)

Inamorata Confidential (Jacob Perez)

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[Previously Known As, Gravity: The New Version]

Jacob Perez Fan Fiction:

iˌnaməˈrädə/ noun

          a person's female lover.

ˌkänfəˈden(t)SHəl/ adjective

          intended to be kept secret.

When attending a memorable occasion during the week of spring break, Monroe unexpectedly meets a mysterious charmer on the top floor, who turns out to be the older brother of her trusting boyfriend. 

Yet little does she know, that the boy she's willing to pull into her chaotic life, is not so trusting nor as innocent as she believes him to be. Neither is his brother nor the new faces beginning to surround her. 

Monroe hasn't experienced pain, hardship and the meaning of real love until she finds herself trapped in a war between two brothers with a secretive past. And when realizing the choices she's forced to make, there's no going back to what her life used to be.

There's a different feeling set for every person you meet and sometimes you have to be careful who to trust. 

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Written: 2015, Rewritten & Edited: 2017

I really didn't know that Monroe imagine was a celeb. I had to make her up in my head so I have no problem with that
Yes even though I finished the book I was only reading it a second time