"The Catalyst" : A Yang Xiao Long AU! #RWBYWATTYS

"The Catalyst" : A Yang Xiao Long AU! #RWBYWATTYS

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Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. Rooster Teeth does. I only own my character and the events I put into the arcs. 


In the Kindom of Vale, Warren Shnee is king. He was happy until his wife, Crystal Schnee, bore him two kids. One was born 8 years before the other, they named her Winter. The other was also a girl, Weiss Schnee. Until one day when Warren's wife comes home with yet another baby in her arms. Unlike the other two, Warren is happy about this baby. It's a boy, nearly the same age as Weiss. Rei Schnee, Crystal decided. 

Rei was constantly over-shadowed by Weiss, not because he was less skilled but because he was far more shy. He didn't like revealing his fencing skills unless Winter was there, and when she wasn't he was sloppy. He rarely spoke to anyone outside of his normal routine, he barely made any attempt at conversation. 

Despite that, Rei doesn't mind his life. Actually, he enjoys it. He loves that his older sister, Winter, constantly praises him in front of their father. It helps his shyness somewhat. He loves the solitude he gets every now and then, locking himself in his room with his books until his mother calls him. 

But what if something happens when his mother is no longer there? What happens if his father blames him? What happens if he runs from his previous life?

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I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 19, 2016
Coincidentally my parents fought the same about me...oh wait...IS THAT A PENIS?
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 19, 2016
Their house...has...AN INFIRMARY...I just get some paracetamol and it's all good.
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 19, 2016
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 19, 2016
Yeah... this bit understandable makes me feel uncomfortable...like all creatures being born...except chickens...I watched that happen before.