What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic) (DISCONTINUED)

What Is Love? (A Miku X Len Fanfic) (DISCONTINUED)

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OkiDokiTodoroki By AinohanaRinkaku Updated Jul 11, 2017

Meet Miku Hatsune, a well-known student entering Cryptonloid High. She was known for her family's wealth, and for her talent in music, especially her melodious singing voice. And because of her popularity, she have no friends. Because of that, she believes she will never experience that feeling known as "love", not just any type of love, the "friendly" and "romantic" sides of it.

She believes that she will never have a friend to love her, even more, a guy to love her more than just a friend. But all of that changed when she met some nice and friendly persons, including the Kagamine twins, Rin and Len.

 What will be the effect of the twins on Miku's life, especially Len? Will they remain in their friendly relationship?  Or will their friendship develop and bloom into no something? Is that 'something' the thing that Miku longed to feel? Find out in this story:

 'What Is Love?' 

A Miku X Len Fanfiction.

This fanfic will no longer be updated until further notice. However if you still wish to read, then go ahead and continue.

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