His True Colours // Book 1

His True Colours // Book 1

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The General of the Loki Army By Lady_Kera Completed

Author's note: This story is a mixed up with a bit of the worlds of The Hobbit/Lotro and Asgard.  
        They play with each other, grew up with each other and fought for each other. Kera, Loki and Thor were the best of friends in their childhood. As they grew up with each other, their relationship grew strong.
        But as slowly Loki discovers the truth of what he is, things go bad to worse. Thor banished from Asgard destroying the peace between the frost giants and the asgardians. He was sent to Earth.
        Odin felt ill, leaving Loki to keep order in Asgard but as Kera discovers that Loki was not the Loki she knew once before. She sets out helping Thor come back and stop Loki before everything falls into fire and ruin.
        A wood elf, a frost giant and an asgardian....they were all once the best of friends in their childhood.

Book 2: Her Falling Light (Out now)
Book 3: Together Fading (Coming later on)
Book 4: Shown (Coming later on)
Book 5: Their End (Coming later on)
Book 6: With Heart and Soul (Coming later on)

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