:Good Girl:Bad Boy: (Karma Akabane x Reader)

:Good Girl:Bad Boy: (Karma Akabane x Reader)

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mew. By no_one_notice_senpai Updated Jun 21, 2016

Your a good girl. Top best in Class A, has a bunch of friends, respect, talent, everything you could possibly imagine, but one thing you don't have is a boyfriend.

He's a bad boy. He's in Class E, has a rock band with his friends, talented in music and assassination, has some respect, excellent grades, sadistic, has fangirls drooling over him, could have more and do better.

What happens when these two meet? Will they get along? Become friends? Become more than friends?


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wwwdotneedjesusdotco wwwdotneedjesusdotco Jul 22, 2016
                              Set It off
                              Panic! At the disco
                              All time low
                              Fall out Boy
                              Twenty one pilots
                              I can go on forever
                              Im sorry MCR fangirls.... I cry too.
gayfornico gayfornico Mar 02, 2017
I guess I'm going to be my rl height now
                              *cough* 4'7 *cough*
InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Dec 04, 2016
Wait... W-where's m-my PORKCHOP!?!!? : b 
                              I literally don't care about salads. Hell I don't even eat salads. How come I'm still thing though???
Angelwingzfor4eva Angelwingzfor4eva Sep 17, 2016
Wait..  Asano-kun? You've know him since preschool! Call him Gakushuu-kun
delphinium- delphinium- Mar 05, 2017
Why must they always be short 😭 For fricks sake people, I am 5' 10"
InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Dec 04, 2016
Typo error.. I think. But ummm you're in Japan and your supposed to use Yen ¥ instead of Dollars $.