Papillon  (Prince Harry)

Papillon (Prince Harry)

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Eveline Delamane is currently speeding through life at 15 wtf's per hour. Most evenings are spend with three bottles of gin and two of her best mates. Hangovers were friendly reminders that at the age of twenty five, everyone had to take care of themselves. She's always the one getting into trouble at bars, not being able to hold back her tongue for five seconds. The things that matter in Evee's life: having a good laugh and her career. 

The children at the hospital were the reason she survived her hangovers four times a week. They always knew how to put a smile on her face, after four cups of coffee that is. When one day, Eveline stumbles upon a world-famous ginger at work, things just don't go as smoothly as usual. Through her black eye, hangover and sarcastic wit, she doesn't seem to recognize one particular prince. What was Ed Sheeran doing at the hospital anyways?


There is no point in comparing this story towards Harry's and Meghan's, even the wedding itself is entirely different. Remember this is a work of fiction that was written even before The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met one another. I choose every aspect of this story because that's what I liked at the time. There are parts now that I would have done differentely (maybe make Evee swear a little less) but that's how it is. If you do not like it, the answer is very simple, do not read it. If you do like it, enjoy! I invested a lot of time and imagination into this book. 

This is a mature story, there's cursing and lemons. Don't read if you're quickly offended. English is not my native language. I was 23 when I wrote this there are some typos. If you cannot handle that, be my guest to search for another story, there's plenty of them on this site. 

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Seriously, I'm sorry Harry. Please don't ever read this.

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