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S. Grace By Cielo27deVongola Completed

Ten Years Later...
There was an unknown sleeping brunet in the Namimori Class 2-A's reunion.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn and it's Characters. This work is a FANFICTION.


Well.... All of them are utter idiots because they don't know or read Tsu-chan's behavior and personality.... For short.... Their so idiotic that they can't notice anything.
*screeches like the hybrid of a dying whale and a banshee* 1827!!! KYAAAA~
Or his hubby 😏 *cough* they are gay for each other *cough*
ooh~ he has sense of humour 
                              wkwkwkwk never heard of a pineapple pop tho
They are surprised by this just now? Maybe random people busting into a hotel in your reunion and telling that person that there has been a worldwide search, two are already in the mansion, a pineapple popsicle in antartica and stuff about prime minister in Spain is all normal
                              Cuz anime i guess
Hana is secretly turning those kids into her own army to defeat the monkeys