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Stockholm Syndrome (Phan)

Stockholm Syndrome (Phan)

15.9K Reads 904 Votes 13 Part Story
Shay & Kaitlyn By JointPublications Updated Mar 14

Dan bears a dark past, leading a life of crime and assault. At the mere age of 14, Daniel is forced to fend for himself; money, food, and shelter did not come easy to this unfortunate brown haired orphan.  Though when you're as manipulative as Daniel James Howell, anything and everything is possible. But, this cunning young boy is not alone. Along the journey through his life on the run he, being the clever persuader he is, finds himself some fellow lost outcasts to accompany him in his unlawful missions. Only, working with Daniel Howell -- None of them knew what kind of a hellish ride they were truly in for.

Phil has always been an open-minded, giddy young boy. Always looking on the bright side; Always finding some reason to smile in every situation. Growing up seems pretty easy for Philip Michael Lester, seeing as he can no longer remember anything before his 13th birthday. Everything before the incident that changed his life, an incident his parents refuse to speak of, is a complete  and utter blank. Phil was never too bothered by this fact, being given a happy life regardless, until dreams--or rather; nightmares-- began plaguing him. With crime infesting his city and those he once trusted acting strangely, drawing suspicion in the innocent boy's mind, he can't help but wonder; are the dreams truly dreams at all?

woe-is-Muke woe-is-Muke Apr 24
When you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell when you walk my WAY hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell
GlanceiaHP GlanceiaHP Jun 02
Is it bad that im both styles, like bright hair and personality but dark clothes and indont get excited
Mimo_Chan_x Mimo_Chan_x May 07
hOLY SHĮT this story is interesting af, the description caught my attention and I'm definitely reading it in the future. Dunno when tho.
I actually have one of those at school... Except with my best friend it's mostly about Harry Potter -_-
As I read this I went to pick up my phone and it wasn't there and now its lost somewhere in my bed forever
FeelMyFist FeelMyFist Mar 21
I'm sorry but I can't take gang seriously I'm laughing too hard