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The Sixtieth Floor

The Sixtieth Floor

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Nichole Tailor By nicholetailor Updated Apr 26

The Sixtieth Floor challenge is a fight for your life. If you win, you win fame, power, and are set for life. If you lose... you're dead. Anyone can try it, but what would really force someone to? 
      Clarissa Maynes, an upper city rich girl, is doing everything she can to hold the quickly crumbling remains of her family together, but while she does this, she might just tear it apart further. After losing her brother to a strange academy, and then her father to a tragic 'accident,' she, her mother, and her unborn little brother, all need to find a way to make an income to live in the upper ring. If they get kicked out to the lower ring they won't be able to survive. 
      Hayden lives in the lower ring (the slums of society) with his younger sister, Celestine, a young girl who would never survive without him. But when he is betrayed by a jealous member of his 'gang' he finds himself and the rest of his group facing charges as terrorists. They can face a firing squad for their 'crimes' or they can take The Challenge. 
      When the two are thrown into the challenge together, mixed with a few unexpected allies as well as enemies, they have to use each other's strengths to fight their way to the top. 
      Distopian Novel- since it wasn't exactly an option on genera.
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#43 in Science Fiction 11/21/2016
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NerdGirl1o NerdGirl1o May 14
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY THE WHOLE FIRST CHAPTER SOUNDS SOOOOO MUCH LIKE PERCY JACKSON( btw this story is really good so far. Will we ever find out Lynn's fate tho?)
NerdGirl1o NerdGirl1o May 14
Zalifinakus Zalifinakus May 14, 2016
Very good. You started the chapter with talking to the reader. This is indeed hard to pull off but you did it. This book will become very famous on wattpad one day im sure.
jenalee28 jenalee28 Oct 05, 2016
Trapped in a tower maze! Yes please. This book is already awesome :)
-MoKocola_ -MoKocola_ Dec 22, 2016
This chapter reminds me very much of "The Giver" and "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". I liked it very much.
                              Also, is "Calvin" based off of your actual brother?
xobebe21xo xobebe21xo Apr 14, 2016
Mr. Pimple?!!? lol, there are books when you can tell it's a gonna be a good novel. This book is one of those. Great potential.