Phan Smut

Phan Smut

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Letspartyrightnow By Letspartyrightnow Updated Oct 22

Just a bunch of phan smut (with fluff) that I will be writing .-.

I will gladly accept requests. In fact, they are encouraged. Just send them in prompts on the messages(PM), or comment what you want at the end of the oneshots. Thanks guys!


{I am all for Phil!Tops, but I might have a few with Dan!Tops. I will put who is topping! I want everyone happy!}



WARNING: [This is literally a book of sex so read at your own risk! There will be warnings at the beginning of chapters too!] teacherxstudent, daddy!kink, cumslut!kink, underage-ness, •There will be some that mentions of depression or self harm• Plus more on the way!

Updates will be when I have finished writing and it has been edited! ^_^


Editor is my very good fren @travelertime, check out their account, they are legit my favorite! They will also be writing some of these, so make sure to give your love to them too! <3

Sometimes I think
                              "Wow I'm so weird for reading this"
                              But then I look in the comments and find that.
                              I'm not the only weird one so I kinda ran out of holy water a LONG time ago and I'm pretty sure that me and Brendon Urie are gonna burn in hell together so...
Before we move on let us all drink deeply from the goblet of holy water
*pulls out my handy holy water that I keep stored under my bed in case of emergency* 
                              "IM READY"
This is so hot I'm so flustered my mother is on the other side of the couch help
this is actually cute how they get mad over the silliest things and call each other perfect I just... *crafts*