Seven Seas

Seven Seas

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poltergeist_people By poltergeist_people Updated Jun 12

Lorelei Eden is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, bored with her daily life and the binds that restrain her as a Lady.

She dreams of freedom and a new wild life she knows she can never have.

Or never thought she could.

Not until pirates seize her fathers ship and take her along with the rest of their loot.

Lorelei is thrust into an adventure she never even dreamed of, one she never wanted.

One that is a constant threat to her life.

An adventure by the name of Captain Adrien Axe.


The man lounged upon the lowest yardarm of the mast, toying with a coin in his hair as he surveyed the scene of captives below.

I glared up at him through my lashes, wishing he would fall and crack open his daft skull.

As if sensing my thoughts his attention left the coin and shifted to where I sat, hands tied behind my back. A grin spread over his face, "Well..." he purred out, "now isn't that a pretty sight."

I sincerely hope he was staring at my bosom because he fancies the gold and pearls that rests between them.

He waved down at the dirty men carrying various things between ships, "her too...I like her, she's...." He licked his lips, "just lovely."

My eyes grew wide as I was roughly pulled to my feet and they started to drag me away.

Afrovogue Afrovogue Jun 18
Stupid Johnny depp why couldn't you have been a good nonabusing husband. Now my feminism forces me to boycott your work
Secrxt_luv Secrxt_luv Mar 19
OK I'm starting it ok I've been steeling myself for this for days
Natorya Natorya Apr 22
So I saw "his had had left my..." and then I saw "doting" and thought it said, "his hand was on my dong." fml
Jade6572 Jade6572 Jul 10
That moment when you realise that two words you use casually in your everyday vocabulary were considered practically sinful way back when for a lady to even hear let alone speak. Oh well lol :P
This is some weird coincidence, I have just started re-watching Gilmore Girls and I found the name here lol
Jade6572 Jade6572 Jul 10
And so is my need to punch your whiny, bîtchy face in. But sadly, we can't always get what we want sweetheart. :)
                              I'm feeling rather malicious today, is it obvious? :P