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Undertale x Reader [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

Undertale x Reader [VERY SLOW UPDATES]

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GIANT ROBOT By Xenia_Winged_Warrior Updated Jun 15

Heya! I'm Spike, and I'm here to write some "x readers!" You can suggest pretty much every AU, and I'll even do some of my own AUs just for fun! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my content in this book! If you go to the newest chapters, you'll find my better work. 
You can suggest any character from any AU! 
Now, I'll see you in the book! 
Y/N = Your name
L/N = Last name
F/C = Favorite color
F/F = Favorite food
H/C = Hair color
E/C = Eye color
F/B = Favorite book
F/M = Favorite movie
F/S = Favorite song

GlowNeonFlareXD GlowNeonFlareXD Nov 15, 2016
I can't wait to see your Undertale AUs! I like new things :)
IrisXNapstablook IrisXNapstablook Jul 12, 2016
Can I send a request?
                              And if so, can you please do a Mad Dummy x Bullied!Reader?
                              I haven't really seen many Mad Dummy x Reader one shots on here so can you please add it if you can?
KittyPitty111 KittyPitty111 Jul 04, 2016
(All she wants is Toriel cuddles with a female adult monster reader) Ehhhhh.. :>
Joubmeri Joubmeri Oct 31, 2016
Can you do my oc she is a fire monster her name is MERIDIAN she wear a turtle neck sweater with a light brown legging
creepercupcakes creepercupcakes Jun 12, 2016
Can u add fresh sans and candytale sans for sans and candytale papyrus?
Candirocks Candirocks Jun 14, 2016
I love how there's basically two pieces of internet art right next to each other