Emotionless Freak (Mute reader)

Emotionless Freak (Mute reader)

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A girl named y/n can't speak. She is mute. But that's not the only problem with her. She can't show emotion. So what happens when she leaves and goes with the tall man? Will she show emotion? Will she be able to talk again? Read to find out.

1st book cover done by the @deafpancakes

2nd book cover done by@Deliriouslyweird

A man breaks into your house.
                              "Should we call the police?!"
                              Logic people.
Antlerca Antlerca Jan 14
My dad would just scream a mumbo jumbo of words and make me sleep outside until I take what I said back. And make me go to school, and to extra credit :<
PiplupPocky PiplupPocky Nov 17, 2016
XxAsh_WolfxX XxAsh_WolfxX Nov 22, 2016
Best Mom reaction ever....... Didn't even bother to call the police
Nodded? That's saying yes. I don't get how people get that mixed up.
HahaFangirl101 HahaFangirl101 Nov 18, 2016
🎶As a child,
                              You would wait,
                              And watch from far away
                              But you always knew
                              You'd be the one to work while they all play
                              And you,
                              You'd lay 
                              Awake at night and scheme
                              For all the thing but it was just a dream🎶