Emotionless Freak (Mute reader)

Emotionless Freak (Mute reader)

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This book include sign language because people didn't like how I made this story do I put in sign language. It is in bold, please don't complain.
A girl named y/n can't speak. She is mute. But that's not the only problem with her. She can't show emotion. So what happens when she leaves and goes with the tall man? Will she show emotion? Will she be able to talk again? Read to find out.

1st book cover done by the @deafpancakes

2nd book cover done by@Deliriouslwierd

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George doesn't know sign language
                              George can only flip people off.
KailaIsOk KailaIsOk Dec 22, 2017
You best believe I would be calling the police and sleeping in my parents room until that guys in jail.
she seems like a good teacher
                              hopefully that doesn't change throughout the story
Emotionless Freak? That’s what they used to call me in elementary school, and I was also mute. 😐
Themurdurusflower2 Themurdurusflower2 Dec 29, 2017
Even if they did , i mean how are they gunna catch eyeless jack
Out of 1 to 10, I say....... *Insert drumroll*