[1] Nevermore // Bucky Barnes ✔️

[1] Nevermore // Bucky Barnes ✔️

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Dazed and Confused By katebishvp Completed

"You're in love with him. Here's the best part:
He loves you more than his own life. 
But here's the worst part: 
He loves you so much more than his own life."

What happens when a Romanian Ex-HYDRA weapon who has the heart of Steve Rogers, can match Thor in strength, the superior skill of Natasha Romanoff, the sarcasm of Clint Barton, and who has even more breathtaking anger management issues than Bruce Banner, usually because of her comparable ignorance like Tony Stark, is being followed by another Ex-HYDRA weapon?

Something dramatic, I hope. 

•Avengers: Age of Ultron-Captain America: Civil War•

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