submissive  to my dominate (boyxboy) [Major Editing]

submissive to my dominate (boyxboy) [Major Editing]

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Mitchell By mj5000 Updated Jan 28, 2014

Everyone knew me as one of  the jock of the school Jake Taylor. But what they didn't know was i was truly... I was a closet gay. That all changed when when the captain of the football team john Whaley took a interest in me. His parents are major rich, he took me in when my parents kicked me out for being gay. I thought they would understand, but they pushed me away out the door. But his help came at a price. for my freedom. Something I never thought i would be a submissive, a week excuse for how fare i sunken.  Now i'm his submissive and he's my dominate.

    livingemo livingemo Jan 03
    I hope you know auther that most of the chapter repeats 3 times before it actually comes to this part
    SilverUta SilverUta Dec 23, 2015
    Is it sometimes hard to type with your 't' key mostly the letter t is missing
    blue_Unidentified blue_Unidentified Jul 18, 2015
    It's great! It's just the spelling and some missing words between phrases.
    blue_Unidentified blue_Unidentified Jul 18, 2015
    Wait is tgis like a mash up of (Jake)Jacob Black and Taylor Lautner? lol Jake Taylor
    SoulOutBreak SoulOutBreak May 01, 2015
    sorry I dont mean to be rude but u keep writing "old" instead of "told" just thought I would tell you
    Wolf_Fire_Ice Wolf_Fire_Ice Oct 28, 2014
    Really do check your spelling, but it's a little quick for my taste to have him thrust into something like bdsm after coming out gay. Other than that it's quite good