Im The Alpha

Im The Alpha

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"All Alphas and Betas come collect your packs dorm house keys."
  Dax and I were making our way towards the front of the auditorium when I bumped into a few guys. 
They growled and turned to me. I tried to go around not wanting to cause a scene. "You know, your not supposed to wear hoods in school." I went to go around them when a blond kid tried to grab my hood. I grabbed his wrist twisted it and pushed him to the floor. Then a dark hair guy growled and tried to tackle me. I rolled off his back  making him crash into his buddy. Suddenly I felt a slight breeze cross my ears. I turned around to see that the two were looking at me like they saw a ghost.
 A smirk on his face Dax replied, "What? You've never seen a girl before?"  

This is MY book, so please don't copy or take my ideas. I worked very hard on this!!

BTW first book :)

Hallo! I love Germany (even tho i haven't been there) and I'm from Philippines (my aunt works there)
afsana73 afsana73 Aug 21, 2016
I really don't understand werewolves and vampires, I mean they are literally my best supernatural specie
got7xjacksonwang got7xjacksonwang Nov 20, 2016
she sounds like my kinda girl 😉😌 ( no I don't mean it *that* way )
FoxxHowell FoxxHowell Jan 09
Aww this is hard. I like vampires more but I really like Jada..
hayleighnix hayleighnix Nov 20, 2016
I really hope this is gunna be good the blurb sounds awesome 😊😊good job and good luck
Oluwa00 Oluwa00 Oct 08, 2016
Hallo ich bin Germany. My German so bad..... been living here 10 years