Im The Alpha

Im The Alpha

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✴ s l i m ✴ By daaprincess Completed

"All Alphas and Betas come collect your packs dorm house keys."
  Dax and I were making our way towards the front of the auditorium when I bumped into a few guys. 
They growled and turned to me. I tried to go around not wanting to cause a scene. "You know, your not supposed to wear hoods in school." I went to go around them when a blond kid tried to grab my hood. I grabbed his wrist twisted it and pushed him to the floor. Then a dark hair guy growled and tried to tackle me. I rolled off his back  making him crash into his buddy. Suddenly I felt a slight breeze cross my ears. I turned around to see that the two were looking at me like they saw a ghost.
 A smirk on his face Dax replied, "What? You've never seen a girl before?"  

This is MY book, so please don't copy or take my ideas. I worked very hard on this!!

BTW first book :)

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MizukoWaterchild MizukoWaterchild Dec 04, 2017
I love the name! Dax...that’s the nickname for my brother cause his names Daxin...
parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Aug 31, 2017
I have brown hair and eyes too! I wouldn't go as far to say I had a strong figure though.
LoveReading_1223 LoveReading_1223 Nov 23, 2017
Let's go ninjago!!!! I know I'm not the only girl who watches it so I'm just gonna wait for someone to back me up here
Zk_the_unknown Zk_the_unknown Nov 03, 2017
Well i just found my new best friend hope JB doesn't mind sharing
panicatthedolantwins panicatthedolantwins Dec 13, 2017
Did no one get the JB and Selena like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
LizzieMayers LizzieMayers Oct 04, 2017
Nala is my pits name lol and simbas gf from the lion king lol