The Angels of Darkness (HoH AU)

The Angels of Darkness (HoH AU)

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My Diamond By The_Third_Emperor Updated Aug 26, 2017

TO PERCY, life was now safer. No Titan king to topple Olympus, no primordial goddess to restart the world again. That was until the gods themselves came down from Olympus and cast him into the depths of Tartarus, to be forgotten, to be painted as a traitor.

That was a decade earlier. Time passed, he's now an angel of destruction with wings of fire. It's time for him to return, to have revenge and the stars will weep of what comes after.


  • anger
  • chaos
  • darknico
  • darkpercy
  • death
  • destruction
  • evilnico
  • evilpercy
  • percyrevenge
  • percyvengeance
  • revenge
purpleroyalty1 purpleroyalty1 Jul 18, 2017
Nice start it started with a twist if you font pay attention to summaries and information given about the story at first glance looks as he will be tortured but it turns out he is off the bat allying with those once his enemy against who he thought was his true friends and family I love it
- - Aug 23, 2016
In a short explanation: Hey Dad just wanted to come here to say that we'll attack your brothers and sisters kill them and it's a an eternal promise!