Mommy's little Dino continued originally by monsterkitty12

Mommy's little Dino continued originally by monsterkitty12

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We continued talking until the next week when we planned another date.
This time it was his turn to pick our date he decided he'd keep it a secret from me. 

When he showed up at my house I was so filled with excitement. I ran to nthe door quickly opened it and hugged him. "Hi Danny " "Hi miss Hailey I missed you too " I blushed seeing he noticed I missed him.

He let me in his car and got in the drivers side. I smile "So where are we going " he shook his head "No it's a surprise" I sigh "okay "

We arrive at the fair and Get out of the car. Daniel ran to the entrance and when i caught up to him I picked him up. "Don't go running off like that" "I'm s-sorry  I won't do it again " I set him down "Good boy " I murmur. His face immediately turned red.

After walking around the fair and going on some rides he tugs at my shirt. " miss hailey" "yes Danny " "can you play games with me " he says innocently. I smile and walk him to the ring toss. He freezes and hides behind me. "Do you want me ...

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monsterkitty12 monsterkitty12 May 05, 2016
I like it :) good lead up. Seems like my story is in good hands, good luck