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In Love With Two Sisters

In Love With Two Sisters

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1/16/79 <3 By TayLove019 Updated Nov 13, 2016

This story is about Aaliyah being in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend Eazy E and Tupac persuades her to leave him and have a relationship with him telling her that he can treat her way better. But things turns out ugly once tupac reunites with Aaliyah's sister Kidada which is his ex wife.

Luul_kiya Luul_kiya Mar 08, 2016
Ali-ya Ali-ya Nov 13, 2016
I can't have no homeboy named snake ima be wondering how he got that name
90sUrbanAngel 90sUrbanAngel Aug 03, 2016
Eazy lets be real for a second you won't pull out from no pussy 😂😂😂
Savage__Black Savage__Black Jul 10, 2016
Lol i started thinking about the song "I got the power"😂😂
KabeeraRichardson KabeeraRichardson May 18, 2016
He didn't like condoms n real life he only wore bare skin condoms Lol shiddd accurate
PuddieJackson PuddieJackson Mar 24, 2016
(Smokey voice) that's my dawg that's my dawg that's my dawg!!