The Playful Type (OHSHC)

The Playful Type (OHSHC)

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WondersOfYaoiCity By WondersOfYaoiCity Updated May 05, 2016

Alex Fujisaki is known to be very playful especially when it comes to guys and girls. Once he is blackmailed by Kyoya to join the host club, he is known to the Playful type

Nothing belongs to me except for my OC Alex

If you don't like yaoi, I suggest you leave -_-  *Me and Alex doing a dramatic pose*

Am I the only one here who wants this to be the spawn of SebaCiel, because that would be awsome. perverted in everything. ..
                              Find something innocent i can make a dirty joke out of it
Don't you know smoking kills people?!
                              *slaps cigarette out of his hand*
                              *cigarette then sets a random person walking by on fire*
AnimooOtaku AnimooOtaku Jun 24
I hung upside-down on the monkey bars as I inhaled smoke from a cigarette until I saw Kyoya Ootori approaching me.  
                              I am the grammar nazi and sorry for rewriting the sentence a bit o-O
I found this picture on the internet, I'm halfway through drawing it
It's funny cuz when you put his species as 'demon' I just got the mental of Licht from Servamp.