The Playful Type (OHSHC)

The Playful Type (OHSHC)

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WondersOfYaoiCity By WondersOfYaoiCity Updated May 05, 2016

Alex Fujisaki is known to be very playful especially when it comes to guys and girls. Once he is blackmailed by Kyoya to join the host club, he is known to the Playful type

Nothing belongs to me except for my OC Alex

If you don't like yaoi, I suggest you leave -_-  *Me and Alex doing a dramatic pose*

killerpanda19 killerpanda19 Dec 16, 2016
PEOPLE YOU HAVE FINALLY CAPTURED ME XD exactly my personality XDD ohhhhh crap...
NatsuHaruArt NatsuHaruArt Dec 12, 2016
Giant pink School.... *hears it gangsta style* 😎 we~llll!~~~
Ikr...? I HATE when people eat my food..😒
                               But I eat peoples food 😂
TilliNoez TilliNoez Jan 31
I was just ready this discription and I was like THIS GONNA GE GOOD
TwentyOneBlackSirens TwentyOneBlackSirens Aug 27, 2016
I call my best friend Babe all the time and she blushes and punches me.
                               It's not romantic at all, but everyone thought we were dating for the longest time.
DemonBlood123 DemonBlood123 Mar 20, 2016