My Psycho Friend

My Psycho Friend

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kishkish13 By kishkish13 Updated May 12, 2018

I was ripped out of my thinking and back to him. "Look." I said, sighing. "If you're gonna kill me... Just do it quick. Tell my mom and dad I loved them..." I said.


"Wait! Never mind. Don't tell my mom and dad that I loved them. Don't even come near them at all! If you hurt them, I'm gonna haunt you to death! Literally!" I threatened him.

The guy chuckled again. "I told you. I'm not gonna hurt you." He said.

"Then why the fuck are you in my house! In my bedroom! And you took a shower in my bathroom!" I exclaimed.

"I.. I wanted to finally see you, again. You are my friend after all" He said, almost sad.

"Whose your friend?!" I asked, throwing my hands up in the air. I kept on talking without waiting for him to respond. "They can't possibly be in my house!!" I yelled.

"It's you." He simply said.

My eyes widen

Jasmin's life is turned upside down when her supposed Friend, Alex comes back into her life. Everyone she knows will be in danger if she doesn't do as he saids. But what happens when she uncovers a little more than just Alex's hobby to 'hurt', maybe even 'kill'. She'll do her best to uncover the truth, while keeping Alex entertained with her friendship.

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