My Psycho Friend

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Jeniffer Lynn By kishkish13 Updated a year ago
"Oh, your mom let me in. She's so nice, unlike you. Mean and sassy." He said giving me a smile.
    I narrowed my eyes at him. "She let you in?" I asked in deisbelief.
    "Yup." He said.
    "Don't ever go near my family. Or else.." I threatened.
    Alex chuckled slightly. "Or else what?" He challenged, showing me a crazy look with his eyes.
    I gulped. He was scary... When he wanted to be.
    Jasmin's life is turned upside down when her supposed Friend, Alex comes back into her life. Everyone she knows will be in danger if she doesn't do as he saids. But what happens when she uncovers a little more than just Alex's hobby to 'hurt', maybe even 'kill'. She'll do her best to uncover the truth, while keeping Alex entertained with her friendship.
Nice first chapter. I can't imagine a nine year old being pulled away by the cops tho
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he should of said I am here to be your friend and later he keeps making her kill her family 
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Charming can you just let me sleep first then kill me in my sleep?
@MySilverTouch dude, I threaten to kill just about anyone who teases me or provokes me, including my friends so yes
Please add a bit of Romance. Like they fall in love or whatsoever. It would be more interesting :D
An eleven year old boy killed a full grown woman? Okay interesting........