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The Silent and The Broken

The Silent and The Broken

5.1K Reads 219 Votes 26 Part Story
Misery_Hope21 By PyroFreeze2 Updated Dec 30, 2016

Knockout and his little sister are reunited after getting separated, she hasn't been the same since they got separated only Knockout knows why. Can Soundwave help her? Why not just find out yourselves

Ebonisa Ebonisa Oct 06, 2016
Lol, I think it's called "Schematics". XD
                              It's a great story so far! I'm enjoying it!
                              Forgive me if I'm wrong about the word, I just wanted to read a book before bed... At four in the morning... XD
Sonicwave_Prime Sonicwave_Prime Dec 09, 2016
Give me a second here to process that me/reader/or OC is sister to Knockout. . . . . .
                              KNOCKY IM HOME~!!!!
Hello gorgeous Knockout. <3 I actually drew his car form in pastels.