Harmony - a MariChat Fanfic

Harmony - a MariChat Fanfic

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Misty-Chan By sinfulnoir Completed

Well hello you sinful people I see you've come to read my fanfic. Just a warning, this story may have a tiny bit of lemon. If your not about that life, then move along ;3

*all art is not mine* Enjoy this story, my little sins heheh

- Intro -
Marinette stands by the window located by her loft bed ready to sleep, when a familiar kitty taps on the window, surprising Marinette. Little does she know that's where it all begins.

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- - Jun 29, 2017
No! It doesn't suck! I actually like the way your story seems like one shots but is a continuous story. It just makes it so... ugh, perfect!!!!!!
howellonice howellonice Aug 26, 2017
(The book gets really bad and confusing I'm sorry please forgive me for plot twisting too much)
NutellaNuggie NutellaNuggie Jul 25, 2017
C'est trop mignon pour moi! 😍
                              My ship has sailed... IT HAS SAAAAILLEDDDD!!!!!!  😍😍😍
alex_bleu alex_bleu Jun 11, 2017
That picture at the top is so pretty, I want to go to Paris so bad!!!!! *Dies*
MariChat664 MariChat664 Sep 09, 2017
That is so me! I literally go full panic mode when there is lightning and thunder 😂 but... Super cute 😗 I shipppp it!!!
feathertheshecat feathertheshecat Aug 28, 2017
Could u magic time skip back to summer for me please....it been 3 weeks and I'm already tired of it helppp