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Pusher | ✓

Pusher | ✓

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Julia By Jewlez Completed

❝Don't cross me, Angel.❞
  Slinging dope isn't exactly the kind of extracurricular Angelica Moore would want listed on her college applications, but when her mother's meager paychecks can no longer stretch to the end of each month, Angelica realizes she might not have any other choice than to start dealing. Fortunately for her, no one suspects the girl with a perfect GPA, a seat as treasurer on student council, and a starting position on the Girl's Varsity Volleyball team to be anything short of an angel.
  Maverick Weir controls the market in Dayton High, having bullied his way into a marijuana monopoly. Angelica might have a strong mind for business and the school administration wrapped around her finger, but Mav isn't about to let some goody-two-shoes steal the keys to his kingdom.
  Neither of them are going to back down from a fight, but when the true enemy becomes their inescapable attraction for each other, the two just might make a pair of unlikely allies.

+   2017 Winner of the Annual Bad Boy Awards hosted by @ProjectBadBoys    +

Could they even turn.... *drumroll please (see what I did there?)* blue???????
Maverick sounds kinda weak. "Steal" from me and you'll get a few punches. He let him off easy
As soon as I read the description I was intrigued. Your writing completely blew me away though. The imagery is so good that I felt the intensity as if I were actually there. Maverick is pretty terrifying. Poor Angelica better be watching her back, I wouldn't want someone like Maverick after me.
Woahhhhhhhhhh that trailer was just...........I have no words for it🔥🔥
LovelyV09 LovelyV09 Jul 05
I already love the book, so well written 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼
The trailer is... Beautiful. Short and to the point. And it has a lot of lip action. Mwah 😙😙