Fall In Love All Over Again (Sequel to Please Don't Go)

Fall In Love All Over Again (Sequel to Please Don't Go)

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Taylor Nicole <3 By taylor103095 Completed

You've been following Kassie, Blake and their friends through out their crazy high school lives. From the bet between the school players, to them finding an unknown love. 

Now follow the Crazy couple into their college lifes... Their first year of College, how will everything play out? Will their love still be going strong, or will the new people they met get in the way of their love?

Follow Kassie and Blake as they discover who they truely are, and if they are meant to be.

The first book is called "Good Girl VS The Player" and the second book is "Please Don't Go" please check them out ;)

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21Quacker 21Quacker Jun 25, 2017
i already hate Trevor... Don't judge. HE CAN'T STEAL KASSIE FROM BLAKE!!!
John. Daniel. Tyler. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. who is the real dad? Or did this guy keep changing his name?
No one knows yet.... They never found Trevor's body so maybe he got out alive and went through a whole makeover and got into the same college as kassie and Blake and others so he could take his revenge
orangered1231 orangered1231 Aug 09, 2017
Wtfrick wtfrick wtfrick!!!! Trevor... Carter!!!!!!! I commenting before i read his name was actually Trevor!!!!!! Then i saw carter as the last name and was like OMG thank you!
Woofylicious Woofylicious Jul 29, 2016
Hold up hold up hold up hold up, I thought Allison was in highschool still??
bieber_linda bieber_linda Dec 22, 2016
I thought it was Trevor Blake's brother😂😂 if it was him I swear I would beat his ass up😂😂 or just point a gun to his head and pull the trigger😂😂 (make sure the gun is loaded incase he wants some more bullet inside him)😂😂😂