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Until I Met You Antisepticeye X Reader

Until I Met You Antisepticeye X Reader

14.3K Reads 344 Votes 9 Part Story
Nightcoremagix By Nightcoremagix Completed

Y/n =your name 

"i was hoping I could stay with you..."

I love  jacksepticeye but i love antisepticeye even more! Who would've thought that I  would ever meet him....I mean who wouldn't want to meet a pcycho demon who kills people for fun?! (I'm not mad!!)
Find out what happens  in the next episode of...pokemon!(sorry I just had to)

adipidada adipidada 4 days ago
                              Anti: you must really love horror movies. ಠ_ಠ
Mark,anti and lightiplier are my senpais 
                              My friends Senpais are jack,dark and Angel-septiceye
Kevin_Tran_ Kevin_Tran_ Jul 03, 2016
It's all good mate. I was thinking the same thing. Fer sum damn reason.
Twilight_moon1234 Twilight_moon1234 Dec 20, 2016
😕 FIRST OFF....its not "calm down" its WOAH WOAH CALM YOSELF WOMAN!
spaingirl22 spaingirl22 Oct 12, 2016
I sleep in an oversized men's t shirt that I bough because why not?  An no pants. 
                              Home is where pants aren't
Twilight_moon1234 Twilight_moon1234 Dec 20, 2016
:\ I have watch 130 horror movies in ma life... *scream to the top of my lungs* SO HELL YEAH!! and HEY MAH.....MAH! IM WATCHIN A HORROR MOVIE WITH A SEXY BASTARD!