Deadpool x Male!Reader

Deadpool x Male!Reader

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Rose By GriseldaRoseberry Updated Sep 30, 2017

Hello my name's Deadpool !
 I'm talking instead of Author-chan here because she's too stupid to do a proper description...anyway to do a summary of this shi...I mean wonderful fanfiction: Fangirl stuff, Plot twist, terrible jokes, bordeline crack, plot twist, stupid author forget things, reader-kun is mine, more plot twist, don't touch my reader-kun, fourth wall breaking,I'll kill you if you touch my reader-kun, where's the talking boxes in my head author I'm still waiting, cliff hanger, lazy author, French, swearing, friendship, GAAAAAAAY, so much mistake author, stupid author, author roleplaying myself in the comments, did you read all of this ?  When is the next chapter coming out author ? Stupid romance stuff...and more to come !

Seriously don't touch my reader-kun ! 
Now excuse me while I let author-chan (out of the basement) writing the next chapter ! Hasta la vista baby !

Author note: I'm taking the little time I have until Wade find me and put me back in the basement to tell you thank you so much for reading and voting this ! I'm really happy that people like it ! Have a nice day/night ! :D OMG he's already back ! He's now at my bedroom's door guys I have to go because klkhjyuybkbhkbykubyiuidqmifqmsijhakjdhqk YO Deadpool again ! Don't listen to the author about the basement ok ? She's crazy !

(11/18/2016): thank you for 7k everyone !!

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Deadpool always break the fourth wall... *sigh* I’ll go get the tapes...
Male!Kai: Deadpool, for the last time! I'm trying to fix the damn wall while you burst thorough and end up hitting someone on the head! Ugh just stay there while I clean up k? *mumbles underbreath*
GODDAMIT NOT AGAIN WADE! *distant yelling among panicked fandoms* GET THE DUCT TAPE WITH UNICORNS!
ButtonDream ButtonDream Feb 12
I feel like I just fell down and laugh my ass off, oh wait it did happen! Nevermind.
jinx-d jinx-d Oct 14, 2017
When ever I see it hear, "Just do it" I think of Shia's role as Sam Witwicky and then I cry...
Again?! I just fix the da- *looks at The now broken wall* alright I’ll get some cement...