My Guardian Dear

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Lauren :DD By Lucky_Number_13 Updated 3 years ago
The Holy War between the angels of God and the angels of Lucifer rages on.  A human girl, Leena, along with her guardian angel, Luna, bravely fight against the Dark angels, with weapons made of Grace and the blessing of God.  Leena, upon the accidental discovery of  her guardian angel, agrees to fight in the war, unaware that she is more involved in the Holy War than she may think... (cover by FideliusFiameta)
the first line goes from saying "her" to saying "my". just look into it :)
                                    overall, I found this a really interesting beginning. I love the whole concept of angels! :)
Oh my gosh.. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.. the descriptions were truly amazing and deserved a vote. :))
>:L unfair u get popular fast but me and Bloodredaxe had to actaully work for it.
Yeayah! (*Air Punch*) I'm the 2nd Vote in both chapters! Loved it!