My Brothers Possessive  Best Friend

My Brothers Possessive Best Friend

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Caitlin By Caitlinleanne48 Updated Dec 11, 2017

Finally we pulled up as my hand went to reach the handle the locks where clicked so it was useless."What the fuck Ryder" I snapped "look at me" he demanded.

I turned my head in his direction a serious look on his face. "I never want to see another man touching you again you hear, your mine and always will be" he spoke so calmly as my heart pounded my chest.

I didn't know what to say all I wanted was to get out of this fucking car "unlock the doors" I spoke just managing to get it out.


In one night they were gone every night it replayed in my head finding their rooms empty it was the worst feeling in the world and know three years later their back expecting the innocent girls we used to be but not realising how far from it we've gotten and know as they stand before us again I feel wounds I thought that had healed open and my heart ripped once more but worst of all my brothers bestfriend he's got me and he's never letting go, this is either an amazing dream or my worst nightmare.

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Peter-Pan-Monster Peter-Pan-Monster Jun 16, 2017
The girl who's playing Miranda was on an episode of supernatural possessed by the worst demon there was so now that's all I can think of this character as and you don't know how creepy that is
yuki_takamaru yuki_takamaru May 22, 2017
When I heard Miranda I did it in her voice..... 
                              I miss any farm ;_;
Caitlinleanne48 Caitlinleanne48 Jun 16, 2017
Trust me I do 😂 I love Supernatural and all I can see is Lilith when I think of this character too 💚
yuki_takamaru yuki_takamaru May 22, 2017
What happened in the past?  Is this like a sequel or something?....
Marlee_Bear Marlee_Bear Jul 26, 2016
Her brother and his best friend I'm guessing? I'm so confused
herbeautiful herbeautiful Jul 10, 2016
They're not being mean, just helping for whenever you go back and edit