Violins And Cookies (Phan AU)

Violins And Cookies (Phan AU)

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Caitlin Harper By caitlinthedork Completed

E D I T I N G 

Dan has a new neighbor.

His new neighbor Phil who happens to be an insomniac who loves playing the violin in the dead of the night, baking cookies and who also has a cat who spends half of her time in Dan's house.
Dan finds Phil very annoying but he really can't resist those blue-green eyes...

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HurricaneA_ HurricaneA_ Oct 14, 2017
pfffftttt is sell my left foot on the black market to have Phil Lester as my bloody neighbour
unhappyy- unhappyy- Jun 28, 2017
dont trust a perfect person and dont trust a song thats flawless
weirdohowlter weirdohowlter Jun 12, 2017
The cat snowball from Stuart little looks just like the cat snowball in this fic...
moana51544 moana51544 Aug 18, 2017
can someone please give me a cat i really really want a cat but my mum is allergic but i want a cat anyway please
rachellovesspn rachellovesspn Aug 08, 2017
the cat was referred as a she both times during phil's speech in this paragraph but the narrative refers to her as a he also two times so phil is scratching dan's ear and holding him in his arms confirmed
rachellovesspn rachellovesspn Aug 08, 2017
my kitten fell asleep with his tongue stuck out it was adorable  just fyi