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One Big Lie //ON HOLD//

One Big Lie //ON HOLD//

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Sticy and Graylu lover By Red_Wolf_huntress Updated Oct 30, 2016

Her whole life was a lie.
Everything she told them was a lie.
She said she didn't want to tell anyone, 
She didn't trust them.
They were stupid,
They betrayed their Nakama
They were the ones to triggered her secret.
They are the ones who will pay. - Levy.
I can't believe it.
To think this is who she really is.
This is her true power. How strong she is.
Her past was worse then the one she told us.
And I made it worse. I cause her more suffering.
She loved me.
But I betrayed her, sadden her, humiliated her. - Natsu
I hurt her.
The girl who looked up to me. 
Who said I was like a sister she never had.
I betrayed her. 
For what? Power. To be number one.
I want to ask for forgiveness but I know,
I need to do more then say sorry. - Erza.
They hurt her.
And now they're guilty.
They regret it. They are sad.
But they deserve it.
I may not have none her like they did. 
But I know she's a sweet and caring girl. - Lisanna.
I Hurt Her!
Why did i?.
I should've I stood up for her.
Block all the magic coming her way.
Talk to her, not ignore her.
Be the older brother she never had!
But I wasn't. I hurt so bad, 
That I even hate myself. - Gray
I'm surprised.
Who knew Blondie had so much power.
Even without the power,
She is strong. 
Both Physically and Mentally.
She never gave in or up.
She believed in herself.
And she got on her feet. 
And look where she is now.
Above everyone else. 
Even if she's not in my guild, yet.
That's the true Blondie. My girl.- Sting
This is a Stinglu and Rogue x Levy story.
I hope you'll like the fan fiction!!!

CitrusPanda44zHIATUS CitrusPanda44zHIATUS Jul 21, 2016
What the HELL?!?!!! Why did she....I mean. ...Srsly. NEVER WALK TOWARDS THE LIGHT!!!!!
readinrandom readinrandom Aug 17, 2016
Yeah, levyxrouge I think was created by stinglu fans cause if they ship stinglu why not ship there best friends together
A_Devils_Angel A_Devils_Angel Jul 12, 2016
Roses r red 
                              Violets r blue 
                              Sugar is sweet
                              So R u
                              the roses r dead
                              Violets the same 
                              The sugarcanes bitter 
                              And u R to blame 
                              This poem fits this perfectly
zoey0610 zoey0610 Jul 22, 2016
Haha no Lucy don't leave us come back to use don't go into the light
Giraffesareawesome25 Giraffesareawesome25 Dec 26, 2016
There was a movie where a wolf that was a god who had three tails so that sentence reminded me of it
WhereIsJiminsJams WhereIsJiminsJams Jul 21, 2016
Now.. This is going to be my life motto. I srsly have problems..